THREE Nundah | Nundah

One of Brisbane’s greatest features is it’s lifestyle destinations and niche communities in unexpected places. This is part of Nundah Village’s charm and the allure of its latest, 9 storey residential tower, THREE Nundah Village. Retaining the quintessential way of life, you’ll find an accelerated energy of transformation, as Nundah develops into a major commercial and residential centre.

Developers, Property Solutions, dedicated 8 years to the painstaking planning of Nundah Village and the vibrant Aspinall streetscape, in order to deliver a vision true to their desire for this community to be ‘the next James Street’. The result is nothing less than a triumph of urban renewal, with Aspinall Street and the bustling plaza of Nundah Village emanating an air of electric energy and excitement.

  • Client:

    Property Solutions
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